Social Media Management

Enterprise Social Media Strategic Management

This is a more advanced service aimed at small to medium sized businesses. Our team of experts will manage your social profiles for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram and Pinterest can be added for an additional fee. Contact us for more information.

This package includes the ClickOnSocial dashboard and everything from our content creation service as well as…

  • High quality, tailored, images and social media content.
  • Finding and posting appropriate supportive and engaging articles
  • Short lived and seasonal promotions.
  • Whiteboard “explainer” video custom created and promoted for your company
  • 2 x custom designs (branded) in the visual composer tool

What you can expect

  • Increased audience followers/likes
  • Real, relevant, followers
  • Content engagement
  • Enquiries and sales leads

Full Social Media Strategic Management

This is the equivalent of employing a full time social media expert at your client’s company, at a fraction of the price.

This package includes the ClickOnSocial dashboard and everything in the Strategic Package above as well as…

  • Website social retargeting (we’ll make a series of ads and run them in social media to drive traffic to the your website).
  • Social media interaction. We will respond to and initiate comments and interaction within your social profiles, including answering questions and queries.
  • Weekly blog article to be posted on your website and promoted within the social media content.
  • Monthly managed and distributed press release of anything new and exciting that is happening within your company.
  • 10 x custom designs (branded) in the visual composer tool.
  • Custom video service (for people, promotions, products or services).

What you can expect

  • Larger budgeted ad campaigns
  • Substantially increased reach
  • Increased, targeted audience of followers/likes
  • Real, relevant, targeted followers
  • Increased content engagement
  • Increased enquiries and sales leads
  • Audience personally engaged with comments & likes
  • Queries & comments answered
  • Lead management
  • Monthly competitions & prizes

If you would like to discuss a social media strategy or would like us to manage your social media campaigns…